Bandai Namco announces Tekken 7 Nordic Tour series

Tekken is coming to Scandinavia

Tekken is coming to Scandinavia. Series publisher Bandai Namco is launching what it calls the Tekken 7 Nordic Tour on Thursday. The tour, first reported by, will consist of 35 stops throughout Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

It follows in the footsteps of the game’s North American King of the Iron Fist Tour by allowing players and fans to get their hands on the game before its 2017 console release. Both tours will host competitions at a mix of traditional and non-traditional fighting game events. Familiar esports events like DreamHack Winter and FGC Copenhagen are among the Nordic Tour’s stops, as are ComicCons in both Copenhagen and Stockholm.

The winner of each Nordic Tour contest will receive a copy of Tekken 7 when the game launches. They will also qualify for the Tour’s championship event, which will take place online. The winner of the championship will receive a trip for two to Las Vegas to compete at Evo 2017.

The tour begins today at the GameStop Expo in Copenhagen and will continue through early 2017. The tour championship will take place on a to-be-announced date shortly after Tekken 7 launches.