Super Mario Odyssey fan creates multiplayer mod

The more the merrier.

Image via Nintendo

In Super Mario Odyssey, there’s a simple, local multiplayer experience that sees the main player playing as Mario while the second player plays as Cappy. While that has its own charm, it can’t provide the complete experience that modern multiplayer offers. Enter CraftyBoss.

Modder CraftyBoss has developed a mod for Super Mario Odyssey simply named Super Mario Odyssey Online Multiplayer. This mod lets players access cooperative multiplayer, where you can add up to 10 players at one time. 

All of the players who are present will play as Mario, working together as they make their way through the various kingdoms with a horde of friends, while still being able to capture nearly every enemy. You and all your friends can even wear various costumes to give yourselves unique identities. There’s also support for custom game modes, which means that you and your friends can be as creative as possible and come up with unique ways to enjoy the game together.

“Have fun exploring kingdoms with friends, playing game modes, or beating the game as fast as possible,” the description for the mod reads. “This mod is still early in development, so expect bugs and un-refined aspects as we work hard to improve it and make the mod as polished as possible.”

Some of the most exciting features from the list include almost every capture in the game being synced between players, full 2D costume models syncing, moon collection being shared between players, and a custom configuration menu.