Here are 5 characters we want to see join the Street Fighter V roster next in season 4

Which returning character would make the final cut?

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The arrival of season four for Street Fighter V sometime next year will bring a whole host of new and exciting characters for players to fight as.

Season three’s Street Fighter V DLC saw the long-anticipated return of Blanka and Sakura, who are some of the series’ most recognised characters. We also got to see the return of some other familiar faces like Cody and Sagat, as well as some new characters like Falke and G.

Next year’s season pass is likely to follow this similar trend of bringing back a small selection of returning characters to pair up with a bunch of newcomers. With that in mind, these are some of the most popular fighters in Street Fighter history that need to make a return.


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T. Hawk is fun. With the game growing to suit esports overall, the emphasis on a fun and fast fighter that can be enjoyed casually has been lacking in recent DLC expansions

T.Hawk is a mobile grappler that can dive towards an opponent with ease. While most grapplers, like Zangief, rely on creeping forward to deal damage, T. Hawk can fly forward with reasonably quick speed.

It can be difficult to play against a T.Hawk player if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s hard to escape from him with all of his moves and he usually has the highest health of all fighters in the Street Fighter series, alongside Zangief and Hugo.

E. Honda

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Another classic character that has been left out from the roster this year is the honorable sumo wrestler E. Honda.

E. Honda mainly zoned his opponent and punishes foes who try to fight at a close proximity. He was known for having great jump attacks that have overly-large hitboxes that can counterattack foes who try to spam projectiles.

The only way to beat E. Honda was to be patient, blocking out his moves and punishing him for stepping forward. Smart players can chip away at E. Honda’s health bar by zoning him out and not being too greedy.

In Street Fighter V, E. Honda is travelling the world alongside another Street Fighter veteran character, Hakan, so let’s hope he finishes his journey soon to join the fight.

Fei Long

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Fei Long has appeared in Street Fighter V already in Rashid’s character story, when he appears on social media to promote his new movie, asking people go see it. Other than that, however, Fei Long’s inclusion in the next mainline Street Fighter title has been a long time coming.

He first appeared in Super Street Fighter II as an action film star from Hong Kong who was entering tournaments to test his skills as a martial artist. His overall look was based off of the popular martial artist Bruce Lee and his famous fighting style Jeet Kune Do.

Fee Long is a fast fighter, focusing on acrobatic kicks and strikes which make him a powerful up-close fighter. He can bob-and-weave between projectiles while landing solid pokes, making him one of the game’s most aggressive fighters.

Getting zoned means death as a Fei Long main, so always be on the offensive.


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The current Street Fighter V roster only includes 11 women overall, six of which were DLC, in comparison to 23 male counterparts. This could prompt Capcom to bring in a new female character.

We’ve seen this in the first three seasons of DLC with Ibuki, Juri, Kolin, Menat, Sakura, and Falke. Capcom has constantly brought back a familiar female face alongside a brand-new counterpart with each new DLC pack—so could others be on the way?

Makato is one of the many faces missing from the Street Fighter V roster who could make a return, as her iconic, aggressive fighting style of powerful punches and kicks have been sorely missing from the lineup in recent years.

She first appeared in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and was in a multitude of games before missing out on this recent title.

Her style revolves around precision strikes that deal heavy amounts of damage to an opponent in quick succession, leaving them open to a string of combos. Her slow movement speed, however, leaves her open to attacks at times if she fails to connect a hit as she requires such precise timing to land these powerful blows.

Dan Hibiki

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Dan is the flagship joke character in the Street Fighter series. He is arrogant, overconfident, and above all, weak.

He is the type of character that you bring out against an opponent to give them a handicap. He has a clumsy moveset that is slow and short, making most of his moves easy to dodge and predict. But that’s what makes him fun.

Selecting Dan against any player is seen as a taunt in the FGC community. Picking him in the competitive scene usually means that a competitor feels they are so much more talented than the other player, that they can win the match with the weakest fighter in the series.

Dan is another character that has made a small appearance in Street Fighter V similarly to Fei Long. Dan appears when Rashid is checking social media in his character story, expressing his excitement for finally paying off his phone bill.

Two of Dan’s biggest acquaintances in the Street Fighter lore, Blanka and Sakura, recently joined the game in season three, so it’s about time Dan also joined the fight.