Steam experiencing apparent worldwide outage

That's not good.

Image via Valve

There is a massive ongoing Steam outage, according to Steam Status, a site that tracks the platform’s connection managers.

Steam Status is reporting that 0 percent of Steam’s connection managers are online, meaning nearly everyone in the world trying to access Steam games may not be able to do so. The site also says the Steam Store is offline and Steam Community is “very slow.”

About 0.02 million, or around 2,000 people worldwide are online on Steam, according to Steam Status. The site reports that no one is in-game on Steam, however.

Update Aug. 5 6:47pm CT: Steam Status is reporting that a small percentage (about 0.3 percent) of Steam’s connection managers are back online. Steam Community has also returned to a normal status, and online and in-game players are ticking upward. Some regions are still completely offline, however.

Update Aug. 5 6:52pm CT: Most regions’ connection managers seem to have returned to normal or near normal, according to Steam Status. Additionally, nearly 99 percent of Steam total connection managers are online.

Update Aug. 5 6:58pm CT: Steam Status reports that 99.8 percent of Steam connection managers are online and that more than 11 million players are online on Steam. All regions have also returned to ‘OK’ connection manager status.