Steam confirms Halloween, Autumn, and Winter Sale dates

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Image via Steam

Thanks to the Steamworks Documentation page, the upcoming Steam sale dates for the rest of the year have been confirmed.

The Halloween Sale is Oct. 28 to Nov. 1, the Autumn sale runs from Nov. 24 to 30, and the Winter sale runs Dec. 22, 2021 to Jan. 5, 2022.

Steam’s Halloween Sale is themed for spooky season, but it isn’t limited to games labeled as “horror.” There is a special focus on content updates and in-game events, which can include things like Halloween-themed maps or spooky-themed DLCs.

The season sales are some of the best times for gamers to pick up games from their wishlists at large discounts. Although Steam runs weekly sales and some smaller sale events such as the Lunar New Year or Black Friday sales, the Summer, Autumn and Winter Sales are when the discounts tend to be deepest for a wide variety of games.

Historically, many gamers look forward to the Summer and Winter Sales the most. Games are priced at the publisher’s discretion, so there’s no telling how good a Steam sale will actually be, but games do tend to hit their lowest prices during the Summer and Winter Sales. The Autumn sale is a bit too close to fall release dates for the discounts to be that deep, but come winter time, some older games become largely discounted.

To find the best deals during a sale, check the Steam subreddit where there will usually be a post about the best deals of each sale, or isthereanydeal if you are looking for a specific game.