Star Wars: Squadrons esports gears up for launch with upcoming tournaments

Ace pilots are ready to prove themselves.

Star Wars Squadrons Esports Tournaments
Image via EA Games

From content creators to ranked pilots seeking to leave their mark within the galaxy, the Star Wars: Squadrons competitive scene is firing into action just days after the game’s launch. 

Two Star Wars: Squadrons tournaments are scheduled to take place following the title’s official release on Oct. 2: Operation Ace and The Calrissian Cup. Both events will feature gameplay within the signature Fleet Battles mode, consisting of five pilots per team with a goal of taking out the opponent’s flagship via dogfights and bombing runs while protecting their own flagship. Pilots will fly one of four Republic or Imperial ships offered in Star Wars: Squadrons, from an X-Wing fighter and U-Wing support to a TIE Interceptor or TIE Bomber. 

Content creators like Alex Damon of Star Wars Explained will compete in Operation Ace on Oct. 10, a five-hour tournament that begins at 12:15pm CT on Twitch. Other teams competing in the event include BattlefrontUpdates, Azzatru, Bombastic, and EckhartsLadder. Teams led by content creators in the Operation Ace tournament will have to earn commendations based on skills and objectives within Fleet Battles. It’s the ideal event to showcase the potential of Star Wars: Squadrons esports.

Image via EA Games

Achieving what might have seemed implausible several months ago, The Calrissian Cup tournament has united Star Wars Discords in preparation for the evolution of Squadrons esports. With over 30 squads already signed up to compete, tournament organizers have created a Star Wars: Squadrons 5Mans—similar to Rocket League’s 6Mans. The tournament will also feature a guest commentating appearance from the OG Lando Calrissian, Billy Dee Williams.  

The Calrissian Cup begins on Dec. 10 and will feature gameplay all week long in five-man teams. Squads will first compete in Swiss rounds that will lead to a best-of-three top-four playoff and best-of-five finals. Teams will advance based on points earned throughout a match. Pilots interested in competing in the Star Wars: Squadrons Calrissian Cup can get started on the event’s official website