Square Enix to host Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary livestream next week

One of the best JRPGs is going silver.

Screengrab via Square Enix

Another entry in the month of gaming livestreams has been revealed for next week, and it’s to celebrate a silver anniversary for one of the most beloved games of all time.

Final Fantasy VII is turning 25, and Square Enix will be putting on a short broadcast to celebrate the event on June 16. The company said the show will last only about 10 minutes but asks for fans to “please be excited.”

With just 10 minutes of runtime, expectations should remain in check, but there is potential for some cool stuff to come out of the showing. There will likely be some words spoken about the original game and perhaps some merchandise to celebrate the occasion.

But what everyone is likely hoping for is some news about part two of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The first game, released in 2020, was praised for its new combat system and gorgeous visuals, so fans are looking forward to what’s next.

The first entry in the Remake ended before the events of Disc One ended in the original title, so there’s still plenty of story left to explore in the Remake saga, with Square deviating quite a bit and expanding on the existing content in a big way.

The livestream begins next week on June 16 at 5pm CT.