Splitgate patch brings mantling, return of Karman Station map

Players now have more than just a jetpack to get them where they want to go with mantling.

Image via 1047 Games

Fans of Splitgate are getting a content update just a few weeks after the company announced its $100 million investment.

Splitgate‘s official Twitter account teased the fact that they were implementing mantling with a clip of a player smacking into a ledge, and they’ve delivered with the latest patch notes.

Mantling allows for more strategic verticality when the jetpack isn’t enough, but it can also slow down the pace of the game. Some players see it as a way to lower the skill cap, since making ledges does take some element of skill and knowing how far a jetpack can take them. Many compared it to how Halo does mantling.

Nvidia Reflex has also been added in this update, allowing players to shave off milliseconds of reaction times, which matters more than most players think. Getting killed after seemingly swinging the BFB at the same time as another enemy and coming out the only loser will happen less with Nvidia Reflex. The setting is configurable, so those who don’t want to turn it on won’t have to do anything, but those that do will have to go into the settings to turn it on.

Voice chat improvements have also been implemented, which is a fix fans have been asking for. Voice chat will no longer drop out across platforms during a match.

Some smaller things added in this patch included the return of Karman Station, which was out of rotation due to poor optimization and bugs. The UI got a facelift, and players can now queue for multiple ranked modes, and there will be a featured playlist that will rotate each weekend.

The training tab at the top of the menu has been removed and it is now in with the rest of the modes that players can queue for. When players click the play button, more than just two options show up now, including Quick Play, Ranked, Custom, Training, Race, and one labeled “coming soon.”

Splitgate developers have said that the game was put into beta indefinitely after the quick success it experienced, so there is still no planned release date. But because 1047 Games is fiercely hiring engineers and developers, fans can look forward to updates like this on a more frequent basis going forward if this pace of patch releases stays consistent.

The full patch notes for everything that was updated with this patch can be found on the Splitgate website.