Splitgate devs say they’ll have a map editor before Halo Infinite

Splitgate fans who love map editors won't have to wait long for the feature.

Image via 1047 Games

Splitgate developers said in response to a question from a fan during their livestream earlier this week that they were disappointed that Halo Infinite wasn’t going to launch with a forge mode and that they were looking to put a map editor into their game. Now, they’ve said on social media that they’ll have the feature before Halo Infinite does.

In response to a tweet from KFC Gaming that asked commenters to “trigger an entire gaming fanbase with one sentence,” the official Splitgate Twitter account said the game will have forge mode before Halo Infinite.

Later in the comments, Splitgate admitted that it won’t actually call it “forge mode” and instead call it something else. But the devs plan to implement a map editor into the game so that players can create their own maps and put portal pads wherever they want.

Last month, the developers of Halo Infinite announced that the title is going to launch without a campaign co-op mode and without forge, which is the name for Halo’s map editor.

“Unfortunately, as we focused the team for shut down, and really focused on a quality experience for launch, we made the really tough decision to delay shipping campaign co-op for launch,” said head of creative for Halo Infinite Joseph Staten. “And we also made the tough call to delay shipping forge past launch as well.”

Forge is expected to launch quite a bit after the game’s initial release in the third season, which equates to about six months after the game’s launch since each season is said to be three months long.

Splitgate has been steadily growing since its re-release and the developers just secured a $100 milliion investment that’s making them re-evaluate the road map for the game’s release. But the devs said in the livestream that a map editor is coming and players can expect to see that sometime in the next six months if their statement that it will come before Halo Infinite‘s forge holds true.