Splitgate devs are ‘thinking big’ about esports

Fans finally got some updates on what's coming next for Splitgate esports.

Image via 1047 Games

1047 Games and Splitgate held a livestream today to release more details on the game after receiving a massive $100 million investment.

At the beginning of the stream, the team talked about the recent investment and the $1.5 billion valuation it received.

Esports is on the minds of the 1047 Games developers. “We’re going to be announcing stuff very soon for [esports], but we’re thinking big,” said Ian Proulx, CEO of 1047 Games. “We’re bringing in a great partner to help us do this, and it’s going to be on a much larger scale than these one-off community tournaments that we’ve done forever.”

There’s no public roadmap for the esports part of Splitgate, but the developers are open to organizations that would like to take part.

Many players have already been asking about the esports side of Splitgate. With its Halo-like gameplay and the introduction of portals, which brings an element of surprise and strategy to an FPS title, fans are excited to hear the prospect of a bigger esports scene for the game.

More esports news is expected to be revealed soon, but there’s no information on how large the scene might be aside from the fact that the developers are planning on tournaments that are more than just the small one-off events they’ve had in the past. For a game that’s been in beta for only two months, fans are expecting the esports scene for Splitgate to be quite popular.

A report option for players who are cheating or toxic and reporting bugs in the game was also discussed. There’s an option already to report players, but many are asking for easier and quicker ways to report.

The voice chat bug is getting a fix, too. The developers believe they’ve found the culprit for the bug and are close to implementing a fix that will be patched soon.

Players have been asking for a battle pass structure closer to Halo Infinite as well, which allows players to still grind past battle passes after the next one comes out. Proulx said on stream that he doesn’t see why not, so fans can look forward to that potentially coming in the future.

As far as a release date, the devs are expecting some kind of launch later this year. November was discussed, but since the developers have now secured such a large amount of funding, the possibilies are endless. The direction of the development of the game has shifted quite a bit in the last two months, and once the developers figure out their direction, they’ll be able to solidify a release date.

Cross-progression was discussed, where people would like to have the same account between consoles and PC. Proulx said this is planned to be implemented. “I think step one is having account-linking, where you can do Twitch drops,” Proulx said. “Step two is then taking that system and expanding upon it.”

More information and details are coming, so players who are looking to stay updated about the game can expect to hear more news about all of the topics discussed soon.