Speedrunning videos surpass mega view haul on YouTube, platform celebrates with playlist

2021 was a massive year for the speedrunning community.

Image via Mojang

While gaming is a massive part of YouTube one sub-category you may not realize is just as massive is speedrunning. In a new video, YouTube has shared statistics about its speedrunning community showcasing just how popular it really is.

According to the clip, in 2021 speedrunning accounted for more than seven billion views on the platform collectively.

To no surprise, Minecraft was the most viewed speedrunning game with Dream leading the charge amongst creators. If you haven’t seen these speed runs, they are videos of players racing to reach the game’s endpoint after beginning a new seed.

Right below Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V and Roblox also round out the top three speedrunning titles on YouTube. 

Breaking down the stats further, the video notes how most of the speed run titles come from the last decade, but others stem all the way back to the 1980s. These include The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. From the 90s Doom is another title that has found new life from speedrunners on YouTube.

Around the globe, Brazil’s top speed run title is Sonic the Hedgehog while in India it is Clash of Clans. With a vibrant community and a wealth of games to choose from it doesn’t seem like speedrunning is slowing down and YouTube isn’t expecting that either.

For those who aren’t familiar with speedrunning, YouTube has crafted a playlist of 16 videos to check out including runs of iconic titles like Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Breath of the Wild, and more.