Sony adds new PlayStation PC label on Steam

The company discreetly added the new PlayStation PC label.

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Sony’s PlayStation games on Steam are now classified as PlayStation PC LLC instead of PlayStation Mobile upon publishing. 

Initially noticed by forum posters on Resetera, it appears as if the PlayStation PC company was formed in April. Alongside wanting to be aggressive with their new recent acquisitions, Sony might be looking to use more PlayStation PC branding in the future.

The new label popped up just recently as the publisher for Days Gone on Steam. It continues to solidify Sony’s intention of having more titles coming to PC.

Sony has been slowly gaining a presence on PC over the past year with releases of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone in August 2020 and February of this year, respectively. The company also is bringing two of its longtime and most famous franchises, God of War, to PC on Jan 14, as well as Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection in 2022. 

In a PlayStation blog post, Sony’s head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, revealed that in June, Sony was still in its beginnings when it came to plans pertaining to PC. “I want to emphasize that PlayStation will remain the best place to play our PlayStation Studios titles at launch,” he said. 

But just because the company wants its titles to initially be played on PlayStation consoles doesn’t mean it can ignore the PC gamer. As Hulst put it, the company “[values] PC gamers” and is looking to  launch games at the “right times.” 

This is a full-blown strategy for Sony, as CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, put it in an interview with GQ Magazine earlier this year, “There’s an opportunity to expose those great games to a wider audience and [recognize] the economics of game development, which are not always straightforward,” he said. 

In an ever-growing market such as the video game industry, moves like these might help Sony compete with its competitors. 


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