Some Diablo Immortal players now have negative Eternal Orbs values after Blizzard cracks down on third-party site usage

Blizzard is coming for every penny it's owed.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo Immortal is one of Blizzard’s hottest mobile free-to-play games, allowing players to take on a hero in the Diablo universe. Like other free live-service games, Diablo Immortal makes all of its money from players who buy in-game currencies or bundles. But many users who went through third-party sites to get cheaper Eternal Orbs are now seeing their accounts going into Orb debt.

Normally, Eternal Orbs in Diablo Immortal can cost anywhere from a $1 for 60 all the way to $100 for 7,200. These Orbs could then be used to purchase crests or in-game cosmetics. And according to various Reddit threads, multiple accounts who purchased cheaper Eternal Orbs through a third-party site are now seeing huge refunds of Orbs from their account, leading to a large amount of debt.

Many users who purchased Orbs through third-party sites have logged in to their accounts to find that they have negative Orb amounts on the account. Some of the other actions the players have reported include being unable to join parties or participate in group activities like dungeons. To alleviate this, players will need to replace the negative balance in their accounts.

While there’s no clear answer to how these third-party sites were able to give away cheaper Eternal Orb bundles, it likely relies on some illegitimate method like shop glitches or lower prices from different countries. Regardless, Blizzard caught on and is making those who took advantage of the glitch pay.

While it can be tempting to take advantage of glitches or websites that promise cheaper in-game rewards, it’s always wise to make sure it’s an official source and not a cheat that will cost you more later.