Smite’s new god, Shiva, is now live

The destroyer has arrived.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

One of the most anticipated gods in Smite’s history has arrived as part of Patch 9.2. You can head into the battleground right now to take on the role of Shiva, the Destroyer.

One of the most important gods in the Hindu pantheon, Shiva has finally made his way into Smite. Shiva represents the duality of destruction and creation. Where one world ends, a new one can begin.

Shiva’s primary weapon is a mighty trident. Each prong on the trident represents something different. The three prongs represent will, action, and knowledge, all tools Shiva uses to destroy evil. Speaking of destruction, Shiva will bring plenty of that to the battlefield of the gods.

In Smite, Shiva is a melee-heavy, warrior-type god. This means the majority of Shiva’s moves are going to be used while you’re up close and personal with the enemy. You can check out all of Shiva’s moves before heading into Smite but watching the official god spotlight video.

If you don’t already have the Ultimate God Pack, there are two ways you can go about purchasing Shiva. You can snag Shiva for 200 Gems (paid currency) or 11,000 favor (in-game currency). If you play Smite, you likely already have the Ultimate God Pack. But if not, the 11,000 favor is easier to obtain than you’d expect, just by playing.

You can head into Smite right now to check out Shiva, the Destroyer as he makes his debut on the battleground of the gods.