Smite Patch 9.4 now live, introduces Yu Huang

The Jade Emperor has arrived.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

If you’re looking for some fresh Smite content, then the crew over at Titan Games has your back.

Smite’s latest patch introduces a plethora of new skins, as well as the game’s latest God, Yu Huang. Known as the Jade Emperor, as well as the Supreme Sovereign, Yu Huang is one of the most important Gods in the Chinese pantheon.

Yu Huang grew to prominence after he ascended to heaven and challenged a mighty Demon King that was destroying Gods left and right. Yu Huang defeated the Demon King and was hailed by the other Gods as the Sovereign of Sovereigns and ruler of all creation. Now Yu Huang brings his unique mastery of the Dao to Smite in the form of a Mage.

Yu Huang isn’t the only exciting thing about Patch 9.4, however. Players can also expect nine new skins, as well as a hoast of Champion and Item balance changes. Skins include three debuting Yu Huang skins, Bionic Demon Gilgamesh, Shadow Bloom Persephone, Crocfather Sobek, Honorable Machina Tyr, Almighty Archon Zeus, and The Magic Dragon Tiamat.

You can head into Smite right now to check out all of the new skins or to take on the role of Jade Emperor by trying out Yu Huang. You can check out the official patch notes for 9.4 here.