There’s a bounty on the head of Smash 4’s best player

Smash Bros

Screengrab via ZeRo/YouTube

Smash Bros. for Wii U has only been out for about half a year. But the game, dubbed Smash 4 by fans, already has an undisputed champion: Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios, a Chilean player who’s pretty much won every tournament he’s competed at. His iron grip over the Smash 4 throne is so strong that there’s now a bounty on whoever can knock him out of CEO 2015.

For Smash WiiU at #CEO2015, I’m gonna go ahead and put a $250 bounty on @ZeRoSSB. If you eliminate him completely, I’ll give you $250.

— Alex Jebailey (@CEOJebailey) May 20, 2015

Since the competitive Super Smash Bros. scene has built itself on hype, trash talk, and bravado, it’s not surprising that something like this has happened. And it seems that the CEO Tournament organizers, in wanting to make things a bit more interesting, have partnered with SmashBoards, adding an extra $250 to whoever can knock out Barrios.

.@CEOJebailey @CEOGaming Put the @Smashboards logo on those flyers and I’ll match this $250 bounty on @ZeRoSSB – what do you say?

— Chris Brown (@AlphaZealot) May 20, 2015

Stakes have just been raised by @Smashboards! Got what it takes to defeat @ZeRoSSB & collect the bounty at #CEO2015?

— CEO Gaming (@CEOGaming) May 20, 2015

It doesn’t end there, as retro gaming hardware manufacturer, Hyperkin, the same guys developing the Gameboy iPhone case, SmartBoy, have also thrown $250 into the pot.

@CEOJebailey @Smashboards @ZeRoSSB Add our logo to that flyer, and we’ll add another $250 towards that bounty. #CEO2015

— Hyperkin (@Hyperkin) May 20, 2015

As for Barrios, he seems to be taking the challenge in stride.

HELL NO. Not letting this happen.

— Gonzalo ZeRo Barrios (@TSMZeRo) May 20, 2015

Some have accused Barrios of being overconfident and cocky, but his results speak for themselves. In post game interviews he’s declared himself to be the best while calling out other Smash Bros.

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More than $500 is on the line for whoever can take out Barrios. If this is what it takes to create a more interesting Smash 4 scene, then we’re all for it.

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