Hearthstone developers are thinking about altering Shudderwock

The legendary minion has been running rampant in the game.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s latest expansion, The Witchwood, introduced 135 new cards to the game. As players have been experimenting to figure out the new meta, one card in particular has been causing a lot of trouble and issues in the game.

Shudderwock is a legendary Shaman minion that cost nine mana and has a 6/6 body. The issue with the card so far is its Battlecry, which repeats all of the Battlecry abilities that you’ve cast in that game. The card by itself isn’t causing the problems, but the way it interacts with other Shaman cards is what has been the main issue.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When combined with Grumble, Worldshaker there is the opportunity to play multiple Shudderwocks in one turn because you bounce the card back to your hand with Grumble. When you play multiple Shudderwocks in one turn, the animations can take an incredibly long time to complete. If the animations take too long, sometimes it leaves your opponent with no time to take their turn, which creates an unfair advantage.

Dean “Iksar” Ayala, a senior game designer at Blizzard and the lead Hearthstone balance designer, tweeted that his team will be taking in all of the feedback from players this weekend in order to determine how to balance the card next week. Although Iksar didn’t say exactly what Blizzard is doing to the card, he said he’ll look at how long the animations take and how the deck plays as a whole.

Hearthstone fans are thrilled to see that Blizzard is keeping an eye on some of the newest cards from The Witchwood.

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