Should you let Fia hold you in Elden Ring?

Fia means no harm.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring doesn’t exactly have the most welcoming environment. The Lands Between is full of enemies that can kill you in a few hits, and friendly interactions are few and far between. So when you encounter Fia in The Roundtable Hold, and she offers to hold you, the typical reaction is to question if this is a good idea or not. 

The good news is allowing Fia to hold you doesn’t have any huge consequences and rewards you with a unique item called Baldachin’s Blessing. This item lets you use FP to boost your Poise, making it harder for you to be staggered by light attacks. This item can only be used once, but you can return to the Rounstable Hold and talk to Fia again for another Baldachin’s Blessing. 

But letting Fia hold you does give you a slight health debuff, which appears as a red square with a down arrow beneath your health bar. This debuff gives your character a five percent health decrease, which isn’t huge but can make the difference in close fights. Consider this before letting Fia give you a warm embrace.

You can get to the Roundtable Hold after fighting Margit the Fell Omen and resting at a nearby Site of Grace. You don’t have to defeat Margit and can access the hold even if you’re defeated. Melina should appear and offer to take you to the Roundtable Hold, where you can find Fia and several other NPCs. You can talk to the Smithing Master Hewg to upgrade your gear or buy items from the Twin Maiden Husks vendor. You can also awkwardly embrace Fia as many times as you need. 

Elden Ring is notoriously difficult, and any buff or bonus can make the difference in a close fight. Take advantage of Baldachin’s Blessing any time you can, and don’t be afraid to hug the strange woman hanging out in the hold. 

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