Should you help turn on the UV Lights or search for Barney in Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

This is one of the easier choices in the game.

Image via Techland

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is full of choices that will impact your story as you progress. Techland ensured that the game has replay potential and having many choices to make is one way to do that.

But not all of the dilemmas in the title matter all that much. One of them that players face during the Unruly Brother quest is a choice that doesn’t have much impact going forward.

The task you’ll be given is to search for Sophie’s brother, Barney, in one of the nearby Forsaken Stores so that you can gain the trust of Survivors. You’ll need to head to the store at night so it’s not full of infected and the quest is easier to complete.

But players who have not yet activated the neighboring Larch Windmill will have a few Survivors stop them and ask for help in activating it. Thus, players have a choice: either go directly to save Barney or help the group with their Windmill issue.

It’s strongly recommended that you help the Survivors. Delaying your aid to Barney won’t have an impact at all since saving him will unfold the same way, regardless of whether you help the group. Nevertheless, having Larch Windmill activated does have its perks. It’s a respawn point if you happen to die in the Forsaken Store looking for Sophie’s brother.