Should you fight the Tree Sentinel early in Elden Ring?

If you're up for the challenge, there's plenty of early combat available for you.

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Elden Ring has plenty of challenges for players to test themselves right from the get-go. Those who venture into Limgrave will stumble upon one of them in no time.

Right near the entry to Limgrave, players will see a mighty soldier on horseback patrolling the lands. This giant soldier is quite the challenge but given its immediate introduction, you could be wondering if you’re meant to take it out first.

The answer to this question isn’t simple. Here are our thoughts on when you should take out the Tree Sentinel.

Should you fight the Tree Sentinel?

Screengrab via FromSoftware

While the Tree Sentinel may be the first boss that you encounter after getting the ability to roam freely in Elden Ring, it likely wasn’t intended to be the first you kill or challenge.

You should ideally leave the Tree Sentinel alone for at least a few hours in Elden Ring. Head out and get some levels to increase your power, beat some of the easier hidden bosses, and return once you’re equipped with stronger weaponry.

For long-time souls players, this early challenge might be right up your alley, and it is most definitely doable. That said, it’s best for new players to avoid.

The Tree Sentinel boasts a variety of different moves that can deal incredible damage and if you’re yet to get access to Torrent, things can be even more challenging.

Once you’ve got the Lone Wolf spirit, Torrent, and a decent weapon, you can take down the Tree Sentinel. But, depending on your level, this can still be quite a challenge.

If you aren’t able to take the foe down on your first few attempts, don’t stress over it. Head out do some more leveling, and come back. He’ll always be there waiting until you finally emerge victoriously.