Seamless Elden Ring multiplayer is finally here thanks to mods

Explore The Lands Between alongside your friends.

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Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring launched with multiplayer but it wasn’t exactly what many new players were expecting—instead of cooperative work, it was the classic Dark Souls summons system. Fortunately, one modder has the franchise’s long-held co-op desires a reality, and the seamless team-ups players dreamed of can now be achieved.

Longtime FromSoftware modder LukeYui has now released the beta for their Seamless Co-Op mod which allows up to four players to journey across The Lands Between together without restrictions.

The mod is now available to download and try for yourself on Nexusmods. With this players won’t be sent back to their own worlds after death. Instead, they will respawn at the last visited bonfire as if it was their own lobby. Invasions aren’t possible while this mod is active, which means you and your allies won’t have to worry about any other players interrupting your gameplay.

Without this mod, Elden Ring multiplayer-only allows players to join their friends after being summoned and are sent back to their own worlds upon death or defeating a boss. This does put hefty limitations on the ability to explore as a group and, as such, the need for a mod like this was born.

The Seamless Co-Op mod is currently in early access and as such users are warned that they may encounter bugs. This being the case, according to those who have tested it out, it seems to run fairly smoothly in its current state.

If you’re interested in giving this Elden Ring mod ago alongside your friends then you can read more about the mod and its installation process on Nexusmods here.