San Diego Comic-Con will have a free virtual show in July

Worry about lag instead of lines.

Screengrab via San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con was one of the biggest cancelations of the summer due to the coronavirus pandemic. But just because there won’t be a physical event for the first time in 50 years doesn’t mean that the show can’t go on. 

SDCC is instead hosting a free virtual show from July 22 to 26, the same dates as the original event, calling it Comic-Con@Home.

This digital event aims to replicate the experience of Comic-Con as closely as the SDCC team can manage through the new medium. This means that there will be a virtual exhibit hall for exhibitors offering promotions, specials, and limited-edition products unique to the event. 

As for panels and presentations, SDCC is promising a variety of content about comics, gaming, television, and film that will feature prominent publishers, studios, and more, just like the live event. 

On top of recreating the show floor and panel experience, SDCC is also going to try to facilitate community events to get fans involved with other people from home. This will include a masquerade, gaming tournaments and events, along with many other activities that will be announced closer to the official dates. 

You can’t fully replace the magic of showing up to Comic-Con and getting to browse the exhibitor halls, listening to professionals from all over the industry in person, or interacting with people who like the same things you do. But Comic-Con@Home is going to try its best to provide the digital alternative for thousands of people. 

More details about what panels, events, and guests will be featured at Comic-Con@Home will be announced in the coming weeks leading up to opening day on July 22.