Team Dignitas signs Gale Force eSports’ world championship Rocket League team

The trio will represent Dignitas as they look to defend their title.

Image via Psyonix, Remix by Adam Newell

Team Dignitas is shaking up its Rocket League roster by acquiring the members of Gale Force eSports, the season four world champions.

The European-based team is comprised of Jos “ViolentPanda” van Meurs, Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver, and Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant. The trio will be playing under the Dignitas banner for the first time this June in London at the RLCS Season Five World Championship, where they will be looking to defend their title.

“I am really ecstatic to be joining Team Dignitas, alongside my team,” ViolentPanda said in the announcement. “I am looking forward to maintaining our position as one of the best teams in the world and can’t wait to further our accomplishments as the Team Dignitas Rocket League at the World Championship in London this season!”

The trio replace Zoli “zol” Digness, Isaac Turtle” App, and Reed “Chicago” Wilen who were members of the former Rocket League team known as Applesauce at the start of the year. The trio managed to close out the season in fourth place in the North American Rocket League Rival Series and lost to Cloud9 in the NA regionals.

“We’d like to thank Chicago, zol, and Turtle for their time and professionalism while playing for Team Dignitas,” The organization said in the announcement. “These young talents have bright futures in Rocket League and we are proud to have had them represent Team Dignitas… Our management group will provide assistance for our former team as we seek out their new home.”