Ripple Effect Studios confirms it will bring ‘fan-favorite’ maps back in Battlefield 2042

Dice is working with the former-DICE L.A. studio on a new mode that's a “love letter” to Battlefield fans.

Image via DICE

DICE L.A. completed its rebranding efforts yesterday, solidifying itself as Ripple Effect Studios and announcing that the team is still working on a “yet-to-be-announced project,” while still working with DICE on certain aspects of Battlefield 2042

During Electronic Art’s “The Future of First-Person Shooters” panel today, it was confirmed that Ripple Effect is specifically working on a mode for the newest game that will bring “fan-favorite” classic maps. 

Something similar to this was revealed last month in a report that claimed Battlefield 2042’s unannounced game mode will be a sandbox featuring classic maps and vehicles from multiple eras. It will reportedly be called “Battlefield Hub” and will round out the game’s core modes alongside All-Out Warfare and Hazard Zone.

It’s unclear what specific maps will be included in whatever the new mode actually ends up being, but the main EA Play Live presentation is still set for July 22 at 12pm CT, which will likely include more details about the game and could be where EA reveals some legacy maps. All we know for now is that Ripple Effect has been working on what the team is calling a “love letter” to Battlefield fans. 

Tom Henderson, a reputable leaker who originally revealed the details for this mode, has also shared a potential list of maps he has heard might be coming to the game. These include Metro, Wake Island, and Caspian Border.

DICE also revealed that Hazard Zone will be a squad-based mode that will replicate some elements of battle royale gameplay and each map for Battlefield 2042 could take more than six months to develop.