New Battlefield 2042 mode will feature remastered maps, WW2 vs. modern era vehicles, according to leak

This sounds wild.

Image via EA

Battlefield 2042’s unannounced game mode will be a sandbox featuring classic maps and vehicles from multiple eras, according to a report by VG247.

The mode, called Battlefield Hub according to reputable leaker Tom Henderson, is basically a sandbox built for fun, and it will feature remastered maps from across the series, along with vehicles from multiple eras.

Battlefield Hub is going to contain remasters of maps from old Battlefield titles,” Henderson said in a new video. “It’s going to be [maps] on the Battlefield 2042 engine. The movement and stuff like that is going to be exactly the same, but you’re essentially playing on a remastered map with different weapons and vehicles from past Battlefield titles.”

Battlefield’s website currently lists two out of three playable modes in the upcoming game, with the third one listed as redacted. But its description says the mode is “designed as a love letter to our fans, coming to Battlefield 2042.” It sounds a bit like what Henderson describes.

“The Battlefield Hub is going to be the ultimate sandbox experience and is going to be the “fun” game mode,” he said. “The reason [my source] has described it as a fun game mode is because they say that this isn’t necessarily going to be a competitive experience or a balanced experience. Instead, this is going to be the ultimate sandbox experience when players are just going to be able to have fun—a Battlefield 1 tank vs. a Battlefield 3 tank.”

Battlefield 2042 has two confirmed modes in All-Out Warfare (Conquest, Breakthrough) and Hazard Zone (“an all-new, high-stakes multiplayer experience”), with the third, redacted mode shrouded in secrecy for now.

EA Play Live is scheduled for July 22, when Dice promises that more will be known about the redacted mode. For now, it’s an unconfirmed rumor.