Riot says Project A is a tactical first-person shooter focused on gun play, not abilities

Shooting matters.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Following Riot Games’ reveal of its new first-person shooter project, many people were quick to compare the game to several other popular FPS titles, like Overwatch and CS:GO. But Riot’s CEO, Nicolo Laurent, has reassured fans that shooting ability is still the main focus of the game and not just the abilities.

Like Overwatch and CS:GO, Riot’s FPS game—currently named Project A—will feature a slew of characters that will bring their own unique abilities to the battlefield. But a game like Overwatch also has huge dependence on the usage of those special abilities and ultimates to take down the enemy team.

Riot, on the other hand, will be making sure that each character’s abilities can be used to create opportunities for you to take the perfect shot. You don’t kill with abilities—you still need to be able to position correctly, choose the right timing, and aim with precision to kill your enemies.

This has excited many fans about Project A. If what Riot’s saying is true, mechanics and overall skill will remain in the forefront—similar to CS:GO or Apex Legends—while the abilities help supplement those ventures.

There have been various reports that former CS:GO and Overwatch pros have playtested Project A and they reportedly gave the game a ton of praise. That at least sounds like a good starting point for a game that doesn’t have a release date yet.