Reports suggest GoldenEye remake currently ‘in limbo’

This comes from a known industry insider.

Image via Microsoft

The rumored remake or remaster of the N64 classic GoldenEye 007 “is still in limbo,” a known insider has claimed.

Games journalist Jeff Grubb pointed out on Twitter that the rumored game, which has been talked about for a while now, is in limbo “because of the war.” Though he did not specify, it is safe to assume that he is referring to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, since some parts of GoldenEye 007 are set in Russia.

This is despite other leaks that emerged in the last few months, especially concerning the game’s reported Xbox version.

Last month, insider Wario64 reported GoldenEye 007 HD’s rumored Xbox version achievements, as seen on the tracking website TrueAchievements. Various challenges and chapter bonuses, as well as the percentage of players who already unlocked these, were posted on the site.

Other leaks about GoldenEye 007 HD include a list showing the possibility for players to earn a Gamerscore of 1,000 through 55 different achievements as they go along the game. Last year, some leaked images for GoldenEye 007 HD also emerged online, presenting the game in either HD converted graphics or the original N64 visuals.

Released in 1997, GoldenEye 007 became an instant hit for the Nintendo 64 console. Reports of the game’s HD port for other platforms first came out in 2008, but the plan was initially canceled due to licensing issues between Nintendo, MGM, and Microsoft.