Rekkles has “had enough,” buyout option is $15k

Multiple sources linked Fnatic AD carry Martin "Rekkles" Larsson with a move to Alliance.

Photo via Riot Games

On Monday, multiple sources linked Fnatic AD carry Martin “Rekkles” Larsson with a move to Alliance. Fnatic quickly headed to Twitter to remind fans that the player had signed a contract that committed him through 2015. However, that contract contains a buyout clause that could still allow Larsson to play for another team next split. And now we know how high his price is.

For $15,000, another team can buy Larsson out of his contract, the Daily Dot has learned.

While Alliance is Larsson’s preferred destination, it isn’t clear whether the organization would be willing to pay such an amount to secure his services. While Larsson is statistically the strongest AD carry in Europe, Alliance managed to win the European LCS Summer Play-offs with the team they have. Acquiring Larsson could be seen by some as a luxury.

Sources close to the player have said that Larsson has “had enough” and will be willing to “pay the money himself to be able to pursue his options.” It was only a few days ago that several Reddit users noticed Larsson had stopped following the rest of his teammates on Twitter and had removed the mention of his role as a “marksman for Fnatic” from his Facebook page. All this makes it look increasingly likely that he will not be a Fnatic player next split.

Alliance still appears to be his most likely destination. The current AD carry for the team, Erik “Tabzz” van Helvert, fielded some question on his account Wednesday. When Larsson was brought up, he didn’t shy away from some potentially controversial answers. When one user asked “How do you feel that rekkles is potentially poaching your job?” Van Helvert responded “he’s been trying to do it since the end of spring its nothing new LOL.”

Another fan followed up:“Why do you say rekkles has been trying to take your job – what do you mean”

Van Helvert replied: “For a very long time he’s been notifying that he’s dissatisfied with his teammates, and has been hinting he’d love to be on a stronger and more motivated team (wink wink).”

Any decision about paying the $15,000 would need to be resolved soon, as there’s also a stipulation that Larsson would have to serve a 60 day notification period even if the fee is paid.

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