Blizzard nerfed Rehgar in Heroes of the Storm and pros aren’t happy

A new balance patch hit Heroes of the Storm yesterday and its left plenty of the game's best players unhappy

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A new balance patch hit Heroes of the Storm yesterday and its left plenty of the game’s best players unhappy. Alongside some tweaks for the slightly overpowered Xul, the newest hero in the game, the patch included a drastic and unprecedented change to top support Rehgar.

Going forward, Rehgar’s powerful Ancestral Healing heroic ability cannot be cast on Rehgar himself, marking the first time a targeted heroic healing ability has been changed in this way.

While many agreed that Rehgar did need some adjustment, pro support players have reacted angrily to the change and the precedent that it sets.

Oh no that ancestral change what a disaster. So much progress making rehgar active with the rework and now he is a backline healbot again

— Derek Arabian (@DunkTrain) March 14, 2016

Probably going to do a video on the Rehgar changes and talk a little about balance. Really disappointed with the changes to him.

— Wade Penfold (@TempoDread) March 14, 2016

@AlexRaffalli have to scrim with it first, you can’t ever go aggro to bait stuff anymore though. it makes you have to play super safe.

— Ken Buechter (@NVT_Kenma) March 14, 2016

Team Dignitas support and captain James “Bakery” Baker made a video, giving his thoughts in detail and describing the change as “absolutely terrible”.

According to Blizzard, it made the decision because Rehgar was “too hard to kill”—something pro players like Baker strongly disagree with.

It remains to be seen what effect this will have on Rehgar’s place in the pro meta. At the very least he will have a small part of his flexibility removed and players will have to be incredibly careful about being in the center of the action going forward.