Red Bull to host world’s largest Dota 2 pickup game

Seattle is about to host the biggest Dota 2 pub game in the world

Photo via Valve

Seattle is about to host the biggest Dota 2 pub game in the world.

On Dec. 13, Red Bull will turn Magnuson Park’s grounds into a battle royale featuring 100 amateur and pro players, including Jimmy “Demon” Ho, Braxton” Brax” Paulson, and Hock “Chuan” Chuan Wong.

The LAN is a cavalcade of personalities, including StarCraft 2 commentator Kevin “Rotterdam” van der Koi and Austin “Pamaj” Pamajewon of YouTube fame. Beyond the Summit will also have feet on the ground in Seattle to cover the LAN’s unique and hodgepodge action.

Spectators can take in the spectacle and shed some hard-earned dollars at Valve‘s famous “Secret Shop.” Big-name players will also hand out autographs and participate in a meet and greet with attendees.

Players will be randomized into five-member teams across seven heats before crowning one overall champion. That winner gets awarded an all-expenses paid trip and tickets to any Red Bull North American esports event in 2015.

Red Bull’s reputation for creative esports action is nothing new. The energy drink manufacturer’s Battlegrounds series was arguably the highlight of the StarCraft 2 season this past year.