Red Bull launches new AR games featuring Ninja, Carissa Moore, Zion Wright, and more

Time to get out and Discover Your Wiiings.

Photo via Red Bull

Red Bull is delving further into augmented reality experiences by launching a series of dynamic AR games that will feature five of the brand’s Red Bull athletes.

The Discover Your Wiiings line of titles are live now on the Red Bull AR app and will provide players a chance to engage in a variety of experiences and potentially earn prizes while doing it. 

Included in this initiative is streamer and content creator Ninja, four-time world champion surfer Carissa Moore, skateboarder Zion Wright, motorsports competitor Travis Pastrana, and mountain biker Kate Courtney. Each athlete has their own AR game, which will put the players into “a course designed specifically to each sport.” 

These courses will have players competing in a gaming arena, surfing, skateboarding at a skate park, racing across a dirt track, and mountain biking through a forest. 

Each experience was designed through eleven months of research and development that focused on “applying computer vision techniques employed in manufacturing and robotic automation industries” to recognize a Red Bull can and track it in a 3D space. 

After downloading the Red Bull AR app on the phone, users will need to select the game they want to experience and unlock it by scanning a can of Red Bull. Eligible products include 8.4 oz and 12 oz cans, along with both four and 12 packs of the drink. 

The top players for each game when The Discover Your Wiiings promotion ends on March 31 will be eligible for several prizes. 

The grand prize for each game will have the winner getting a chance to experience a unique session with one of the athletes. This includes a day surfing with Moore, riding in Pastrana’s rallycross car, or a gaming session with Ninja.

Second-place finishers could win one of several custom sports items, like a Discover Your Wiiings skateboard or surfboard, while the third-place prize is a signature Discover Your Wiiings prize pack. 

You can learn more about the Discover Your Wiiings AR games and see a full list of prizes and rules on the official Red Bull website.