Re-live record-breaking Spider-Man story from new perspective with incredible PC mod

Make sure you take motion sickness tablets.

Image via Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man brings all the joy being a spider can. Players can swing from the tallest skyscrapers and fling around the streets below, taking on thugs, and going toe-to-toe with dangerous villains. 

Spider-Man has always been a third-person, web-slinging thrill-ride of a game, filled with an amazing story and detailed gameplay. 

Players now have the ability to get motion sick in the visually stunning and exhilarating rollercoaster that is Spider-Man in first-person.

Modder jedijosh920 created the first-person mod, seeing an up-close and personal experience, where players view the world through Spider-Man’s eyes on the streets of Manhattan. 

There are no more over-the-shoulder camera angles here; players run up skyscrapers and take in all the somersaults Spider-Man does on a daily basis. The video shows Spider-Man making his way across the busy streets of Manhattan and swinging from building to building. 

Spider-Man has been an incredibly successful game for Sony the recent port to PC has provided fans of the game with countless opportunities to mess around with the title, eventually leading to mods like this.

The title saw historic numbers for PlayStation after its transition, almost rivaling God of War’s switch to the PC. 

Hopefully, the next installment can implement a feature like this for fans who want to get one step closer to being Spider-Man, through the power of next-gen consoles.