PS5 exclusive Returnal might be coming to PC

Not so exclusive anymore, potentially.

Image via Housemarque

Finnish studio Housemarque’s roguelike, bullet-hell third-person shooter game Returnal witnessed a warm welcome onto the PlayStation 5 on April 30, 2021, with a generally positive reception from fans and critics alike. After spending its entire lifespan producing various 2D arcade shooters, Housemarque was acquired by Sony right after releasing Returnal.

Following this acquisition, Returnal is most likely going to be seeing a PC release, according to new data that’s available on SteamDB.

A new listing has made its way onto SteamDB, called Oregon, in which all the data present in its change list directly points toward Returnal. A few mentions that allude to Returnal are “Bullet Hell,” “Rogue-like,” “Third Person Shooter,” and “Female Protagonist,” while other incredibly Returnal-specific mentions include “Tower of Sisyphus” and “Astropos,” the former being the game’s new endless mode while the latter is the planet where Returnal takes place.

Returnal would be the first PS5-only game to be ported onto PC, which will be interesting to follow since the game is meant to work with the PS5’s SSD and 3D audio engine.

It wouldn’t be too surprising if Sony made the decision to take its console-exclusive and port it to PC, though. Over the years, the tech gaming giant has gotten increasingly lax about how stringent it is with keeping its exclusives as exclusives only, especially with the recent porting of Horizon and God of War onto PC.

Still, Sony has not officially confirmed that Returnal is coming to PC. Data suggests that it is, but it could simply be an error from Steam’s end, so don’t keep your hopes too high.