Police activity reported near Ubisoft Montreal offices

Officers are asking people to avoid the area.

Image via Ubisoft

Quebec news network TVA Nouvelles reported a possible hostage situation at video game developer Ubisoft Montreal earlier today. The Montreal police have now confirmed “no threat has been identified” and they’re evacuating the building.

The Police Montreal Twitter account asked people to avoid the corner of Saint-Laurent and St-Viateur, claiming police operation is in progress. TVA now says it was a hoax.

“Investigators are actively working to find the perpetrator(s) of the hoax that mobilized the police for more than two hours,” a translation of TVA Nouvelles’ tweet reads.

Bystanders with unverified Twitter accounts shared footage of the police activity in the area.

TVA Nouvelles reported that many employees took refuge on the roof of the building and barricaded the doors.

An Ubisoft Montreal employee said she and her team were safe and “going home.” But her colleagues in the next building were “still stuck.”

Heavily armed officers reportedly breached the building to investigate, according to TVA/LCN.

Update Nov. 13 2:28pm CT: Local news outlets believe this to be a possible hostage situation, but the Montreal police have yet to confirm it. The headline of the article was changed to reflect that.

Update Nov. 13 3:10pm CT: The Montreal police evacuated the building and found no threat. The article was updated to reflect that.