Pikmin Bloom to add Weekly Challenges in the next big update

More to do soon.

Niantic is set to add a new Weekly Challenges feature to Pikmin Bloom that will see players work alongside their friends to complete challenges.

The new feature is set to be added to the game’s next big update and will allow players to select challenges and join a group of friends to complete them over the course of a week. These challenges include things like walking a set amount of steps with your friends over a period of seven days.

Image via Niantic

When taking part and completing challenges, players will be rewarded with Nectar and other items at the end of it. The mode seems like a new way to try and get more people involved in playing Niantic’s most recent mobile game and provide additional content for players to take part in.

The challenges are limited to players with groups of a maximum of five friends. But don’t worry if you don’t have friends that play the game since solo players can take part and complete challenges by themselves.

The first of the weekly challenges will be going live on Thursday, April 28 local time, and will focus on Walking as its first theme. Additional weeks will see new challenge types added for players to choose from and could revolve around the planting of flowers and more.

A new Decor Pikmin-type will also be added to the game today—the Snak Pikmin! These can be found through Mini-mart locations.