Petition for Battlefield 2042 refunds exceeds 100,000 signatures

The petition demands for EA to offer refunds to everyone who bought Battlefield 2042.

Image via DICE

Battlefield 2042 has traveled a rocky road since its launch was plagued with a ton of in-game issues.

The ill-fated launch left fans dissatisfied by the game’s final product. In the wake of this, some fans have banded together to petition EA to offer refunds to those who purchased the latest installment in the Battlefield franchise on all platforms.

On, more than 100,000 people have signed a petition pledging their support for this initiative to give players a chance to get their money back for the game regardless of the platform from which they purchased the game. The person who started the petition, Satoshi Nakamoto, said the game was a “mockery of every customer who purchased due to EA’s false advertising.”

“According to many consumer reports, Electronic Arts and DICE did not keep many promises made at launch, and Battlefield 2042 was launched as unplayable,” the petition reads. 

The petition also mentions the fact that Steam offered customers of Battlefield 2042 on its service to get a full refund of the game due to the game’s poor launch. Also, the petitions claim that with the support from signees, they will be pursuing legal action against EA.