Palworld reveals new gameplay trailer with crafting, combat, and more

A release date has still to be revealed, though.

Image via Pocketpair

Pocketpair’s upcoming open-world survival game Palworld has recently revealed its first gameplay video, showing actual game footage for the first time.

It reveals the incredible diversity of activities that will be available in the game, from capturing and breeding cute creatures called “Pals” to fighting, survival, and crafting.

It also shows the character mounting an animal and getting its help in combat. They will also help in building various environmental elements and will seemingly gain experience from performing all those tasks.

At first glance, the game seemingly borrows the capturing mechanics of the Pokémon license. But as the video progresses, it also shows shooting and exploring elements that differ from the game.

Palworld was announced last summer as a game combining survival, exploration, and combat elements to give a unique experience.

The players will be faced with a variety of choices, as the Pals can be captured, bred, and killed for rewards or sold. As such, the players will be able to tailor their experience as they like.

Palworld is scheduled to release in 2022 on Steam, but a specific release date has yet to be revealed. It will include solo, online, and local multiplayer modes.