You can now turn WoW gold into Overwatch loot boxes

Looking for loot? Use your World of Warcraft gold for other digital Blizzard products.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Do you have a bunch of extra World of Warcraft gold laying around? You can now turn that currency into Blizzard credits to unlock Overwatch loot boxes, Hearthstone cards, or Heroes of the Storm characters. Warcraft mounts, pets, and character transfers are available with Blizzard credits, too.

Basically, anything you can buy with your Blizzard balance is up for grabs by exchanging World of Warcraft gold. Tokens—which allow World of Warcraft players to “simply and securely” exhange gold—can be bought at the Warcraft Auction House using earned gold. When the token’s available in your mailbox, you’ll choose whether you want 30 days of game time or $15 of bucks—currency and amount varies by region, by the way.

Tokens will vary in market price at any time due to supply and demand at the Auction House, but all tokens in a game region will be priced the same. Blizzard initially created the World of Warcraft token system as an alternative to third-party gold farming websites where the in-game currency is sold, offering only in-game time for tokens. Feb. 6 is the first day that tokens will be transferable to Blizzard credit.

Old World of Warcraft tokens purchased in the past are included in the new feature. Tokens never expire and aren’t able to be deleted, so you’re safe there, too.

If you’ve got a lot of gold sitting around and are trying for Overwatch’s Year of the Rooster items, now’s the time to cash in.