Outriders goes free-to-play on Steam for a limited time this week

You won't want to miss this.

Image via People Can Fly

Square Enix has recently ventured into the increasingly popular looter-shooter genre with its new release Outriders. While many other games of the same genre are free-to-play, such is not the case with Outriders, that instead has a fixed selling price for interested gamers.

This has admittedly discouraged quite a few potential players from joining the game’s playerbase, which is why Square Enix has taken a small step in the right direction by letting players experience the game for no cost at all, but only for a limited time period during this week. Outriders is available as free-to-play from June 20, 12:00 pm CT till June 23 at the same time. 

Interested players have until Thursday to leap into the game and progress as far into the game as possible with “no restrictions during this time, including cross-play with other platforms,” according to Square Enix. Players will be able to grind for loot, level up their characters, and raise their World Tier to experience as much of the game’s content as possible.

While this offer from Square Enix is pretty tempting as a means of testing the waters of the game before you decide to buy it or not, Outriders has always had a free demo available on Steam since the beginning, letting you explore the early portions of the game. If you happen to miss out on the free-to-play limited event Square Enix is offering, you can always just try out the demo of the game instead.