Nintendo potentially teases apartments in Splatoon 3

Could we finally see where the Squid Kids live?

Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3 fans are up in arms after a seemingly-innocuous tweet from Nintendo seemed to tease apartments for Inklings.

Nintendo Life reported yesterday on an official Splatoon account tweet about the franchise’s Splat Roller weapon.

“Squid Research Lab here, rolling out a report on rollers! These versatile weapons can lay down a wide path of ink on the ground or fling it forward for a more traditional attack. Warning: do NOT paint your apartment with one. (A “friend” lost their security deposit that way.)”

While the tweet was ostensibly part of a thread about the Splat Roller, fans believe the quip about apartments is a teaser for Inkling dwellings in Splatoon 3. Fans have been asking for customizable rooms for years now, with requests hitting a fever pitch when Splatoon 3‘s trailers appeared to show apartments in the city of Splatsville. Nintendo has not yet confirmed apartments or said much of anything on the topic.

Splatoon is a series known for its customizability: players can choose from a variety of hair cuts, colors, outfits, shoes, and headgear to adorn their squid kids for battle. For a game that has a big stake in personal style and deep customization options, player apartments that can be decorated and shared with others seems like an obvious addition. Splatoon 3 doesn’t release until Sept. 9, so there’s still plenty of time for Nintendo to make an announcement to excite fans further.