Nintendo Switch network maintenance taking place this week

Though there shouldn't be an issue, it's worth noting the maintenance schedule.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Nintendo has made an update to its maintenance schedule, which includes several instances where players might run into issues while Nintendo does its routine upkeep. Most players shouldn’t notice much of a disruption in services, though.

There are four planned maintenance outages that players might run into this week, including network services, save data transfers, and user data transfers. Here are the times and dates for each region where the outages will take place and what is set to be affected during maintenance, according to Nintendo Life.

Network services: friend notifications, etc.

  • U.S.: Jan. 10, 8 to 9pm CT
  • U.K.: Jan. 11, 2 to 3am GMT
  • Europe: Jan. 11, 3 to 4am CET

Save data transfers and user data transfers

  • U.S.: Jan. 12, 10:30pm to 1am CT
  • U.K.: Jan. 13, 4:30 to 7am GMT
  • Europe: Jan. 13, 5:30 to 8am CET

Network services: acquiring stage data, etc.

  • U.S.: Jan. 13, 12 to 2am CT
  • U.K.: Jan. 13, 6 to 8am GMT
  • Europe: Jan. 13, 7 to 9am CET

Nintendo warns that during the maintenance period, the network services listed above might be unavailable. It’s unlikely that there will be any widespread issues related to the maintenance, but just in case, it’s worth keeping these dates and times in mind when doing any sort of data transfers to keep your data intact.