Nintendo adds 3 new titles to Switch Online service

More classic games have joined the service.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can now enjoy Earthworm Jim 2 for the Super Nintendo and Dig Dug II and Mappy-Land for the NES. 

The Nintendo Switch Online service allows subscribers to enjoy classic titles from iconic consoles like the Super Nintendo, the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Nintendo 64. There is already a decent selection of games for each platform and Nintendo just added three more classic games. 

As reported by Nintendo Life, Super Nintendo fans can now enjoy Earthworm Jim 2 over 25 years after its initial release. This classic platformer puts players in control of Jim, who must save Princess What’s-Her-Name from Psy-Crow as they bounce across 10 levels. Japanese subscribers have reportedly received Harvest Moon instead of Earthworm Jim 2, which is still a fun addition. 

NES fans can now enjoy Dig Dug II and Mappy-Land for fun and familiar experiences. Dig Dug II is the sequel to the iconic original title and requires players to inflate or create traps for enemies while avoiding damage. Mappy-Land puts players in control of Mappy the police mouse as they find presents for Mapico and Mappy Jr. scattered throughout the world. 

The Nintendo Switch Online subscription is an excellent choice for veteran gamers looking to enjoy older titles. New games are added consistently, so keep an eye out for more titles in the future.