New clothes for crafting available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

New clothes will continue to be added.

Image via Nintendo

Looking to sport a new look in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Now is the time to check out clothes crafting in the Nintendo mobile game.

A new pack of clothes has just reached the Pocket Camp clothes crafting menu. “I’ve got a hot fashion tip for you, campers,” Nintendo wrote on Twitter. “New clothing items are ready to be crafted. The silver frames and sailor clothes are so stylish!”

Here’s the list of items:

  • silver frames
  • sailor’s skirt
  • sailor’s skirt
  • sporty shades
  • blue cap
  • fishing vest

More clothing is expected to be added to Pocket Camp on a “regular basis,” Nintendo wrote in an in-game notice. But for players to unlock these clothing options, a certain level in Pocket Camp must be reached, the company added.