Naraka: Bladepoint will launch on consoles

Unchained multiplayer combat will launch on PS5 and other consoles in the future.

Image via 24 Entertainment

Naraka: Bladepoint is a 60-player battle royale centered on mobility and a variety of melee and ranged weapons. It’s the first game being developed by Chinese developer 24 Entertainment—and it’s coming to consoles.

Bladepoint is releasing on Aug. 12 as a premium title on Steam and the Epic Games Store, with purchasing options also available on the Naraka: Bladepoint website. Since that launch date announcement, 24 Entertainment has mostly just shown off features and content that will be included in the final version of the game. But now, we know that the multiplayer title will also be launching on consoles at some point in the future. 

In an exclusive footage reveal from IGN, players got to see the first look at Bladepoint running on PlayStation 5. No details have been shared, however, other than the fact that “console versions” are in development. 

In the game’s first open beta in April, more than 120,814 concurrent players tried it out on Steam on its first day. That was followed by subsequent testing periods that have only grown the game’s audience, with 161,000 peak concurrent players on June 17. 

It’s unclear when the console version of Bladepoint will launch or which consoles it will be available on outside of the PS5.