MultiVersus Season 2 release date: When does Season One end?

More characters, taunts and more are on their way.

Image via Players First Games.

The second MultiVersus season is coming in hot. Season one of Players First Games’ Super Smash Bros. rival started Aug. 15 and featured a battle-pass with tier after tier of character skins, stickers, and other rewards. 

Despite the game being relatively new, MultiVersus looks like it’s gearing up to be a contender in the fighting game arena. The title is getting straight into the ring with a one-two season punch that is sure to keep fans coming back for another round.

Image via Players First Games

MultiVersus season one came out swinging, showing off four heavyweight characters as the season progressed, and giving players plenty of skins to brag about. 

When is MultiVersus Season 2 coming? 

If the brawler title follows the usual battle-pass and season structure of other games like Apex Legends and VALORANT, there’s good reason to believe the next season is almost underway.

MultiVersus season two doesn’t have an official release date yet, but season one’s battle pass is set to expire on Nov. 15. This likely means a new battle pass, cosmetics, and more should go live on or around that date.

The new season should offer similar rewards to the previous season, unless Players First Games has a couple cards up their sleeves. 

Image via Players First Games

While we don’t know exactly what will be added once season two does go live, MultiVersus players can expect another meta-changing update at the very least since PFG has been keeping on top of adding those alongside big content pushes.

There might even be a few characters thrown in if the timeline lines up too, though Season One launched about a week before Morty was added.

Either way, Dot will let you know as soon as there’s more info.