Gets Major League Update

The addition of professional CS:GO and new spectator features are just some of the ways is stepping up their game.

A look at the recent results from Group D and what week two may hold going forward.

Since went live last year, improvements and changes to the world’s fastest growing streaming website continue to roll out from time to time. Earlier this week, MLG announced their partnership with CEVO, a CS:GO organization. Season 7 of the CEVO Pro League will be exclusively broadcast on and have their $135,000 final LAN tournament at the Arena. Today, Major League Gaming is releasing various new features to their streaming platform:

An improvement to the video and stream themselves which will now fit better to windows and be larger overall. MLG describes it as, “a new layout that fills the browser with larger video and chat.” The changes can be clearly seen in the screenshot below.


Also in the update is the option for streamers to select which game their playing. This enables the viewer to filter their content and easily find whichever game they want that is being streamed on the platform. If your in the mood for some Counter Strike, or Call of Duty, one click and you have plenty of options to choose from. You can see what this will look like in the image grab below.


While these two features may not seem like a big thing, they are actually the most requested changes fans have been asking for. The streaming platform will be more organized and structured upon games being played.

The widescreen views and larger chats are also going to change the way the spectator watches their favorite streams. Viewers can now make use of their wide monitors and experience the full benefits of participating in chat and watching the live stream at a higher quality.

MLG has made strides to make comparable to some of the world’s most popular streaming platforms. With the addition of professional CS:GO as well as the new features for viewers, they seem to be on top of things. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next.



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