MLG suspends Aches, one of its biggest ‘Call of Duty’ stars

Major League Gaming suspended Patrick “ACHES” Price today for “conduct detrimental to the league” and “repeated harassment of MLG employees

Major League Gaming suspended Patrick “ACHES” Price today for “conduct detrimental to the league” and “repeated harassment of MLG employees.” The Evil Geniuses player will miss four Call of Duty: Ghosts League matches as well as this weekend’s 2K Tournament.

Price was in violation of “Technical Foul Rules #1” and “Additional Rules #2” of the league’s Conduct Rules, MLG commissioner John Nelson said.

The first rule outlaws verbal abuse of tournament officials, and the second requires all MLG staff and sponsors to be treated with “respect.”

The league has not revealed the specific instances where Price violated the rules. Of course, considering Price’s history with the league, they may not need to.

This isn’t the first time he and the league have butted heads after all—and certainly won’t be the last. Price is a vitriolic and controversial personality who is unafraid to speak his mind and criticize what he doesn’t feel is right, and often in ways that ruffle feathers. A winner of the $ 1 million dollar Call of Duty Championship last year, he’s used his position atop the community to sound off on anything he feels needs to be addressed.

Price’s largest point of contention with MLG are the streaming rules they placed on teams in their league. MLG requires teams and players to streams league matches on its streaming service, but Price’s team, Evil Geniuses, has a streaming contract with Twitch—something he sarcastically pointed out yet again this morning.

The row intensified earlier this month, when Price and his team incited their fan base to push MLG to revoke the streaming rules for at least 2K and 5K tournaments, weekly online events that MLG hosts.

While Price promoted a respectful email for his fans to forward MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni, naturally the internet mob took things a little too far.

Price believed DiGiovanni was exaggerating the volume of hate-filled reponses compared to civil ones, but its safe to say MLG and the Evil Geniuses player are not on the best of terms. Whether that’s grounds for Price’s suspension is another story, but the MLG statement on the suspension seems to imply it: “We will continue to embrace player and community feedback, but it must be provided through the appropriate channels and in a professional manner.”

considering the lack of details released by either parties has only left the community to speculate.

Respect for the league certainly seems to be in short supply for Price.

Price clearly isn’t taking the ban too seriously. He’s only going to miss a couple online matches, and the real money is made at live tournaments. But this suspension could be a prelude to something stiffer down the line—if MLG finds Price continues to be at odds with them, and if MLG finds the willpower to suspend a player on one of the game’s most popular teams for a live tournament.

Price changed his Twitter profile earlier today to read: “The first official MLG Detriment™. Oh yea, also winningest COD player.”

Keeping him out of the league may as much of a detriment to MLG as keeping him in it.

 Screengrab via OnGamers/YouTube