Mew2King takes CPU-controlled boot to the face

Elite Super Smash Bros

Elite Super Smash Bros. players possess lightning reflexes, quick hands, and minds that assess and surmount video game danger with superhuman ease. But even their best can’t overcome a computer with a lead boot and nothing to lose.

Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman, 17-time champion and Sheik player, met just such an opponent yesterday while streaming for fans. In a video released by YouTube user “EditingAngel,” Zimmerman can be seen accepting the audience’s challenge to take on a max-level, max-handicap, computer-controlled Ganondorf. What follows can only be adequately captured in video:

Despite wielding his fiercest attacks and most punishing techniques, Ganondorf gleefully delivers one-hit kills with almost pedestrian disregard for the legendary smasher’s life. “Too easy,” indeed.

Of course, Zimmerman’s showdown is rigged from the start. The handicap applied to Ganondorf minimizes the distance the character flies at all damage levels and maximizes the distance Zimmerman flies when struck by even light attacks.

Still, watching world-class players turn into fodder for the computer always provides some entertainment value, even if the assailant has Mack trucks for feet.

Image via Nintendo