Marvel Snap discard deck guide for each pool (and how to counter them)

Discard cards non-stop to beat your opponents.

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Marvel Snap utilizes many mechanics common to online card games to build its main deck archetypes. The best discard decks are those that manage to use the mechanics effectively without too much inconvenience to the player.

As with other mechanics, you won’t have very powerful discard cards to start with, but this changes as you progress in the collection and reach pool three, which gives several possibilities for powerful archetypes.

How does discard work in Marvel Snap?

All cards that have the discard effect cause one or more cards to leave the player’s hand. The goal is to use this effect with specific synergies like the effects of Apocalypse, which returns to the hand more powerful after being discarded, or Swarm, which duplicates at a lower cost after being discarded.

Cards that make the player discard other cards often have more power than other cards of the same cost, this is related to the negative effect of losing a card from the hand, such as Blade, which costs one and has three Energy.

It is possible to reduce the chances that a wrong card is discarded.

Cards that have specific targets are easier to manage and therefore do not usually have such high power, as is the case with Lady Sif, which costs three and has four Power.

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Just like the destroy effect, it is possible to play cards that cause discards even if there are no cards to discard in your hand. Effects that prevent On Reveal activation also prevent cards from being discarded, since the cards that cause discards are On Reveal effects. Likewise, they can be reactivated by cards like Odin.

Best discard decks in Marvel Snap for each pool

Discard-type decks aren’t the best in the Marvel Snap meta right now, but that’s just part of their strength: once many players are gearing up to take on decks that abuse Leader and Leech, it’s much easier to secure power in cards played before final turns, such as Morbius and Dracula.

Furthermore, the possibility of surprising the opponent with unexpected strategies is a great opportunity to accumulate extra cubes during matches. A deck that wins less games but gains more cubes is often preferable when the goal is to reach the highest ranks.

The cards in the decks below are suggestions, and players should adapt them to their collections and preferences.

Pool one

Discard Zoo

Image via Marvel Snap Zone

Pool one doesn’t have many discard tools, so it’s necessary to include other win conditions. This first version seeks to win two locations with the extra strength of Apocalypse being discarded multiple times in a match, while the other location must be contested by Angela and other low-cost cards.

The first few turns should be played with as many cards as possible to try to make sure that only Apocalypse is in hand when playing Blade, Lady Sif, and Sword Master. 

Nightcrawler is a flexible card and can help reach locations where cards cannot be played. Elektra is perfect for countering Sunspots before they can be shielded by Armor. Yondu makes the opponent lose a card from his deck, and Scarlet Witch can help control bad locations.

Discard Strong Guy

Image via Marvel Snap Zone

This second option has a similar strategy but uses Strong Guy and America Chavez to generate a powerful combo on the final turn.

The objective is to run out of cards in hand to strengthen the Strong Guy, and America Chavez will always be drawn in the final turn to score a consistent amount of points.

In both cases, the sheer number of one-cost cards makes us want to use Ka-Zar whenever available to power them up.

Pool two

Image via Marvel Snap Zone

The additional pool two cards in this deck are Morbius and Swarm.

Pool two contains two great contributions to the discard archetype. Morbius can amass considerable power with the amount of discarded cards, while Swarm can devastate enemies, surprising them on final turns by multiplying whenever it is discarded.

Blade, Sword Master, and Lady Sif are the main cards to discard, and the main victory conditions are Apocalypse and Morbius. Angela and Bishop can equally gain power by adding more cards to the board, a good effect to use along with Swarm that multiplies.

America Chavez helps ensure the consistency of draws as she is guaranteed to come out on the final turn.

Pool three

Image via Marvel Snap Zone

The additional pool three cards in this deck are Colleen Wing, Lockjaw, Hell Cow, Moon Knight, and Dracula.

Pool three has cards with lots of potential for a Discard deck.

This discard version is a little difficult to master but it is also very rewarding. It has multiple win conditions, mainly used with Lockjaw, Morbius, Dracula, and Apocalypse.

The main objective is to play Morbius and Dracula to accumulate points while Lockjaw must be the first card in another location to activate the discard synergy as many times as possible, increasing the number of Swarms in hand and the power of Apocalypse.

During the final turn, if Dracula has been played, just leave Apocalypse in your hand while getting rid of all other cards, and its full power goes to Dracula. Morbius will benefit from every card that was discarded in the process.

All other cards are present to activate the discard effect, many of them increase the probability that they will be brought to the board by Lockjaw’s effect, while America Chavez brings a little more consistency to the deck, increasing the chances of getting the cards right in hand to make the combo.

An alternative combo for these lists involves using Lady Sif to discard a powerful card like The Infinaut followed by Ghost Rider to bring the discarded card back to the field. This combination can also be added to other decks, in the same way that putting Storm and Jessica Jones in any deck can help ensure victory in a location.

Even if discard-type decks are not the easiest to use, the many combos allow you to play out pleasant matches. It’s a popular and hard-to-predict archetype, making it easier to go after cubes to progress through Ranked Season Rewards.

How to counter discard decks in Marvel Snap

The best counters for discard decks include:

  • Enchantress
  • Rogue
  • Wave
  • Maximus

Enchantress and Rogue both can nullify Morbius and their great power potential, mainly because he is a card that is usually played during the early rounds.

Wave is a great tool to stop synergy decks on late turns, whenever an opponent wants to play multiple cards. In the case of Discard dacks, having cards in your hand other than just Apocalypse can completely shut down Dracula.

Similarly, while Maximus is usually seen as having a negative effect due to its high power, however, it is a positive when you are facing a discard deck, as the opponent will not want to end the game with more than Apocalypse in hand.