Mario Kart 8 DLC cup names revealed in Version 2.0.0

The new tracks are almost here.

Image via Nintendo

Mario Kart 8 players can take a look at the new DLC cup names after downloading Version 2.0.0, though you’ll have to wait a while longer to play the new tracks. 

Mario Kart 8 is receiving a significant update tomorrow where several new tracks are being added to the game. This gives hardcore fans new areas to explore as they fight to be the first to cross the finish line against their friends or opponents. A new update allows players to get a sneak peek at what’s to come, even though it’s inaccessible for now. 

As reported by Nintendo Life, the new Mario Kart 8 Version 2.0.0 update installed the new Booster Course Pass Wave One DLC tracks, allowing players to take a look before they become available on March 18. Players are still unable to select the new tracks, but they can get a glimpse of the new cup names. 

There are reportedly 10 new cups in the update, including exciting cups like the Boomerang Cup and Moon Cup. The cup names only provide a small preview of what’s to come, but dedicated fans can start planning which one they want to enjoy first. 

Anyone anxiously waiting for the update to release should download it as soon as possible so they can immediately jump into the new content when it releases. You can update Mario Kart 8 by initiating a software update on the home page, which will initiate the substantial download.